Our solution

„The Vizeum Way“

We work to a rigorous proprietary planning process to integrate communications around the consumer decision making journey which we customise to meet our clients specific requirements.

CCS – das Consumer Connection System

We have developed the world’s most robust media study enabling us to unravel consumer decision-making journeys and identify exactly which channel to use and when to engage your consumers. Because we built this on behalf of our clients, we have ensured 3 crucial things:

  1. It works seamlessly with all existing client-owned consumer segmentations. We simply fuse our data with yours.
  2. It is highly media actionable. Most clients find their segmentations define their target audience, but never help them detail a media plan or weigh up alternative communications choices.
  3. It is built for the modern day consumer landscape, covering 60+ different forms of consumer touchpoints. We regularly update these to ensure we capture all developing digital media.

Unique understanding and knowledge:

We have developed insight into consumer motivations and needs and how these translate into purchasing decisions and media choices with Synovate Censydiam.